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            Hello! Welcome to the official website of Zhengzhou Nongda Biochemical Company!
            Nongda Biochemical Company
            Established in 1996, Zhengzhou Nongda Biochemical Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise with nearly 30 years history, specializing in the research and development of high quality plant growth regulators, plant nutrition, organic fertilizer, lawn & garden care products. Now we have developed new Plant Growth Hormone, such as GA3, Brassinolide, NAA, IBA, Atonik, DA-6 ,CCC, 6-BA, and so on.We have been doing unremitting efforts for the plants, for the human food and living environment to provide superior solutions,
            Nongda Biochemical Style

            Professional Foundry Quality, Honesty Create Brand

            Product Center - Quality, Honesty and Service
            • Technical Material
            • Plant Growth Regulators
            • Insecticides
            • Intermediates
            • Synergists

            Nongda biochemical—3 advantages

            Professional Foundry Quality, Honesty Create Brand
            01 25 years of industry experience, professional manufacturer of plant growth regulators
            • Specializing in research and development, production and marketing of plant growth regulators, modern science and technology enterprises.
            • Rich R&D and production experience, lay a good product quality.
            02 Strong technical force to strictly control product quality
            • With advanced equipment and strong R&D team, with a qualified and sound production management system.
            • Through the ISO19001:2000 quality management system certification, the products sell well at home and abroad, and are praised and praised by users.
            03 Perfect service concept, provide one-stop solution Consultation

            Focus on Enterprise Information and Industry Information

            News Center - Products sold nationwide and overseas



            Provide high-quality products for the vast number of businessmen and peasant friends

            Cooperative Case - Focus on Plant Growth Regulators

            Plant protection technology?




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